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We can’t give an accurate bid if you don’t know the scope or budget.

One of the things window cleaners, pressure washers and building maintenance service techs deal with is giving estimates. This is fine if the client knows what they want.

However, when a client calls and wants a free estimate and doesn’t even know the scope of the work to be completed, things can become complicated. It is often impossible to address many issues if there is in adequate information. I would like to humbly request that anyone asking for an estimate do whatever they can to aid and assist us in helping you. E-mailing us pictures, tell us square footage, ANYTHING. Most information can be very useful and we want to be as accurate as possible.

It is impossible to give a good accurate estimate, if the person asking for the estimate does not know the scope of the work or the budget. This is very commom and happens when someone’s boss is on the way out of the office and asks his assistant to please call around for building maintenance bids but leaves without telling what all he wants done. This would be like leaving your car to your assistant and telling her to go to a pro shop and get estimates making a hot rod out of it. The first question they would ask would be what do you want to do to your car and what do you want to spend and she or he would say I don’t know he did not tell me that. For more help go to pricing window cleaning work. Also check us out a info and videos.
Thank you


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Rain Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

You know it is really funny, most home owners haven’t a clue as to how badly their rain gutters can be. People always think that because there are no trees around their home their rain gutters are fine. This is often not the case. Even with newer homes, a few years will leave the rain gutters dirty and after about 5 years they will be full. This is with the home being free of trees. If the home has trees then the rain gutters will need to be cleaned at least once a year. Here is a picture of a new home in an area without trees. When the rain gutters are full, they do not work and will be unable to protect the foundation from water damage.

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