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Chino and Chino Hills Roof Cleaning tips

When cleaning your roof in Chino or Chino Hills, it is important not to fade the roof tiles. Also it is important not to use harsh cleaning agents and chemicals. A concrete or slate tile roof is made to last in heavy rains and if the Chino Roof Cleaning Company is experienced, they will know just how much water pressure to use to clean the roof. A good Chino Roof Cleaning company will have lots of roof cleaning pictures to show their before and after results. It will always pay off to see that the company has the proper workmans compensation insurance. The company should be able to provide you with evidence of  workmans compensation insurance.  We use State Fund Compensation Insurance and they will mail a copy to the home owner before the work is performed.  Remember, regular liability insurance does not fully protect the home owner or business owner if a worker is injured on the job. Chino or Chino Hills Roof Cleaning can be very easy when it is done without chemicals or harsh cleaning agents and after the Roof Cleaning is done, you can go out and water the flowers or your grass without a worry. It will pay off in the long run to use a company that is experienced and has a good track record.  For more Chino and Chino Hills Roof Cleaning info check out

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Coto De Caza Window Cleaning Tips.

A good Coto De Caza window cleaning tip is to always shampoo the screens when you do your window cleaning.  A good professional window cleaning company will always shampoo your screens. The tracks that the screens fit into should also be cleaned as well. Shampooing the screens is a little time consuming.  You need to use a cleaning pad and after you

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Yorba Linda Window Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning for Yorba Linda home owners can be a big job. Most Yorba Linda home owners always hire a window cleaning company. A good window cleaning company will have lots of window cleaning tools such as ladders, soaps and special window cleaning restoration equipment for hard water removal and even professional scraping equipment to remove paint and other hard to remove residue from dirty windows. A ladder stand off is a good window cleaning tool and provides great options for a wide variety of uses. Wide mode covers from 4-6 feet. Deep mode keeps the ladder from 12-28 inches from wall. The ladder stand off also has protective rubber pads to protect any surface from scratches. Another good window cleaning tip for Yorba Linda home owners is to use a micro fiber cleaning cloth. This type of cloth is essential for cleaning your windows. Micro fiber cloths make it very easy to clean water spots or streaks for the finishing touch on window cleaning. Remember Yorba Linda home owners, don’t forget to ask your window cleaning company about some of the tools that make the job easier. Window cleaning tools such as squeegees, rubber, channels, t-bars, washers, buckets, brushes, scrubbers, sponges, towels and holsters like the bucket on the belt will make the job easier. These are good tools to have around the house and can help a Yorba Linda home owner with simple clean ups. For professional window cleaning check out

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