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Over the years I have been putting more time into social marketing. I’ve really been learning a lot about its importance. It is really remarkable how much you can learn from others in social media. I have been working hard to give good marketing and sales information on my blog about the cleaning industry we are working in today. In the furture, I will try harder to touch on many different topics because besides being the owner of (CHD) Custom Home Detailing, I have many years of sales experience. I have been a top producer in a Real Estate Financing and Marketing Firm. Having a marketing track record will always give you something to share and bring to the table.

We have made our blog do follow and really want to here your comments. I have installed different plugins a captcha to keep away spam. The No Follow is a value that can be assigned to the Rel attribute of an HTML element to instruct some seach engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link targets rankings in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam. I was getting alot of spam on my blog ever day, by installing a captcha and proper plugins it has help me alot.

Every body is welcome. If you are in the cleaning industry, are a business owner, just starting a new business, marketing professional/entreprenuer, sales professional, home body, we want to hear your feedback. It is pretty easy read, comment, get some back links, share and learn. This is how we educate ourselves and learn from social media. Cleaning professionals, read our cleaning articles, they are free and we will share them as a gift to you our readers. We like to share our day to day success. For more (CHD) Custom Home Detailing Information and to see what we do. Thank you, enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment.


About Ron

My name is Ron White. I was born in Orange County, California and live in Costa Mesa, California. I AM The Owner Of Custom Home Detailing.
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  5. Chris says:

    This site is well articulated and well made. I didn’t know there was so much to home maintenance.

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  7. Impressive post, thanks for sharing the reference and feedbacks.

  8. Very informative? and entertaining. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I like above post. I got lots of knowledge about home maintenance. Honestly I didn’t know all of those. So I’m so glad that I’ve found this.

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