Is your home looking dirty after only a few months to a year after you have had it painted? This is very common. Does the outside part of your windows get dirty within only a few months after you had them cleaned? Windows need to be maintained every year and the outside more often than that. If you get your home painted, it needs to be maintained as well. You can maintain the paint on your home by washing it every year. When you keep your home cleaned, it will extend the life of the paint and it will last for years. Your house is just like your car, you have to keep it cleaned or it is going to look dirty. Would you by a new car and then not wash it for a year? if you do, it will not look like a new car. Pressure washing is the best way to keep the paint on your home looking new. We understand this might not be something a home owner would want to do. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, call a full service pressure washing company next time you are going to have your windows cleaned. A good full service company will be able to explain your cleaning options. has a cleaning package that includes: roof, raingutters, exterior home, windows, screens, and driveway. This is a complete Home Make Over. Perfect for keeping your home maintained. Are you purchasing a new home this year or selling one? Call a Real Estate Agent that cares about your homes condition, your future and your main asset.