Pressure Washing in Malibu by (Ron White) ©™(SM) and Malibu Beach is easy when it is done professionally with state of the art equipment. There are many different types of surfaces such as concrete or decorative concrete, stone, brick, pavers, wood, stucco, concrete and clay roof tiles, and the list goes on. All these surfaces require different methods of Pressure washing and cleaning. Surfaces can be cleaned with either hot or cold water pressure washing. Both Pressure washing wands and pressure washing surface cleaners are used for surface cleaning. When doing pressure washing in Malibu by (Ron White) ©™(SM) the pressure washing surface cleaner can clean many types of surfaces and is used with steam and heat. The surface cleaner is not like the pressure washing wand which is used mostly for light cleaning an is used mostly with cold water. The pressure washing wand is good for surface dirt and if used correctly is a very good pressure washing tool. The pressure washing wand is not used for deep cleaning on smooth surfaces because it will etch, scratch or even chip a surface if not used corretly. It is very important to talk to your Pressure washing Malibu  cleaning professionals about your cleaning options. For more cleaning questions, pricing and appointments. Check us out at: