Pressure Washing in San Clemente is easy by (Ron White) ©™(SM) if it is done in the right way with the right pressure washing cleaning equiment. When Pressure Washing is not done correctly, by (Ron White) ©™(SM) it can scratch, etch, chip and damage the surface. A regular pressure washing wand is only recommended to be used in light cleaning with a soft tip or on surfaces that are very ruff that can be cleaned very aggressively without risk of etching or being scratched or chiped. Many surfaces can not be cleaned with just a pressure washing wand. These types of surfaces such as stone, brick, pavers and concrete along with decorative concrete must be cleaned with a pressure washing surface cleaner. A pressure washing surface cleaner cleans by (Ron White) ©™(SM) the surface with an even cleaning and allows the heat of the pressure washer to clean  the surface deeply and more aggressively without scratching , etching, chiping and damaging the surface. It is very important to discuss your cleaning options with a San Clemente Pressure Washing professional before you do your cleaning. Remember, pressure washing your San Clemente home or surface of your property can bring back the luster and will make it look new again if it is done correctly. Remember, by doing preventive maintenance on your San Clemente Home or business  youwill save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs. Pressure Washing in San Clemente along with rain gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and window cleaning are all types of preventive maintenance for your San Clemente home or business. For more pressure washing questions and pricing check us out at: Custom Home Detailing