Bidding on Commercial Window Cleaning and Residential Window Cleaning can be different. Residential window cleaning is usually more expensive at a per unit level due its more specialized nature. Commercial windows, while less expensive to on a per unit basis under optimal conditions, are often poorly maintained and thus require additional work.

When a commercial property’s windows are not properly maintained, the windows will need to be restored before they can be cleaned and maintained. This is comparable to buying new car and not cleaning it for years – when the time comes to do the deferred maintenance, there will be a lot to do. When giving a bid for commercial window cleaning, you need to go over the options with your client. If the clients windows have not been maintained, the cleaning company needs to discuss their cleaning options and the differences in cost.

When a commercial property is being maintained properly (DI) deionized water fed pole system can be use or along with a reverse osmosis system. The cleaning time is cut down and hundreds of commercial windows can be cleaned in hours. When the windows are not maintain well special cleaning agents must be used to restore the windows and the windows need to be cleaned right at the window. This means the cost, type of cleaning and time is total different than a basic cleaning. This also makes it very hard to give pricing over the phone. I will be posting about how to handle commercial calls and busness over the phone later. For more window cleaning information check us out at For good info on pricing window cleaning check us out at . Please we want to here your comments.