I must say Monier tile looks brand new after it is cleaned. We use a special soft cleaning method that will clean the tile safely and restores the look of the tile to look new again. Cleaning the tile with harsh cleaning methods or cleaning  eggressively with chemicals  is not recommended. We  use by (Ron White) ©™(SM) customhomedetailing.com our soft cleaning method that has enable us to clean hundred of roof every year. Monier Tile along with differnt concrete and clay tile will look new again when cleaned properly. by (Ron White) ©™(SM) customhomedetailing.com Our cleaning method and order of operation starts with doing a entire inspection of the roof before we start doing the roof cleaning. We take complete pictures of the roof also inspect the roof for any broken or loose roof tiles. Our roof cleaning technicians by (Ron White) ©™(SM) customhomedetailing.com connect there roof cleaning harnesses and roof cleaning equipment and are ready to start cleaning. All of our roof cleaning technicians are able to comunicate with each other and technicians on the ground by two way radios. This helps our technicains to get help with guiding there hoses, harnesses and other equipment to clean our roofs . This is just another reason we are able to clean hundreds of roofs successfully every year for close to two decades. 

 Let our results speak for themselves. Wow what a job! For More Roof Cleaning Info.  http://www.customhomedetailing.com/ or http://www.roofcleaningtech.com/