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have different types of surfaces, such as brick, stone, pavers and all types of decorative concrete. Did you know that each of these types of surfaces in Irvine needs to be cleaned differently? The reason these types of surfaces are cleaned differently is to prevent damage to the surface while cleaning. If you are hiring a pressure washing company in Irvine, by (Ron White) ©™(SM)

it is important to be sure the pressure washing company has years of experience with a good track record, has the right types of insurance and is using the correct type of equipment for the surface. The pressure washing company must have the right cleaning equipment to do the job right. A regular pressure washer from a hardware store is not the right equipment. You can damage a surface with a pressure washer by etching the surface. Etching creates fine scratches all over your surface. When the surface is scratched or etched or even chipped, a lot of the time the only way to fix the problem is a costly replacement.

 A small cold water pressure washer is for cleaning surface dirt only and should never be used aggressively for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is used for gum, tar, grease or oil. Deep cleaning should be also used for spills like wine, soda, drinks, and paint. To deep clean, you must have the right equipment and it is very expensive.

Remember, it takes special equipment to clean your Irvine home’s by (Ron White) ©™(SM)

surfaces and most of the equipment today runs on diesel and is heat equipment. A surface cleaner will also be used for cleaning the surface evenly and protecting the surface from etching.Remember a good pressure washing company should go over all your cleaning options and we will do all we can do to find out your best cleaning options If a company has employees, they must have workman’s compensation insurance. If it is John Doe’s Pressure Washing and John has a helper, his helper is not covered under basic liability insurance. As a home owner, remember it is very important to check out the company first before hiring them. Remember safety comes first. The worker must always use safety glasses and you need to always be sure that they are using the right cleaning equipment and have the right insurance. For more pressure washing tips, check out Or