A good window cleaning tip is to use protective shoe coverings when cleaning windows. Using safety in window cleaning is very important. It is very important to take safety precautions and use tools safely.

A good tip is to use shoe coverings. There are several types and colors. I personally like the white soft shoe coverings. If you are on hard wood floors or marble, you want to be sure your shoe covering is not abrasive. On the other hand, you also want to make sure your shoe covering will not cause you to slip. Sometimes finding the right shoe covering can be a little tricky. I made sure I read product descriptions thoroughly when making my selections. Safety is a big factor for a window cleaner.

A good tool is a small two or three foot step ladder, which is used for easy access to low windows. The step ladder helps when you are cleaning the top edges of windows and when you need to pull off the screens. A small step ladder will help you get to windows easily and quickly.

If the window cleaner is not careful, the customer could charge you for breaking something on the job. This could end up costing a lot of money and in most cases will make your insurance rate go up. So, safety is always number one.

When cleaning inside, you must always think about the safety factor. You should always take precautions like using furniture coverings for protection.

Also, covering must go over the carpets and some hard floors. Another tip is to be very careful with your tools inside while cleaning. One wrong move and something could get scratched or damaged, again costing you money and making your insurance rate to go up.

Another big tip is to use hard water remover for hard water damage on windows. There are a lot of different types of cleaners out there, but again window cleaners have to be careful not to damage the windows by using the wrong cleaner on the wrong types of windows. The more heavy duty cleaners must be tested first before using.