When doing window cleaning, pressure washing or rain gutter cleaning, it always helps to have the right tools. For example if you’re a home owner trying to get some cleaning done around the home and you’re trying to clean your driveway because your car has made a oil spill, you need to be aware that you will need special tools to do the job properly. If you were to go to the local hard ware store to get a special on a pressure washer to clean the driveway, you might have a problem. You need to use a heat pressure washer to do this job correctly. These units usually run on diesel fuel and are not the cheaper units you can get at a local hard ware store.

If you did not have the proper tools you would have a problem getting the job done right. So, again it’s always good to know about the right tools for the job.

Another good tip for rain gutter cleaning is to use a very strong vacuum. Again, you do not want to get a low end type model.

One of the most common and needed tools in window cleaning are the ladders, but another common and also needed tool are extension poles. There are many different types of extension poles like telescopic window cleaning poles, which are often used for window cleaning and are also known as deionized water fed poles. There are the extension poles for cleaning pads and squeegees too. There are also telescopic extension poles for pressure washing. These poles can go up to 50 feet in height for cleaning. Over the years being a professional window cleaner, we learn so many tips and learn more about tools ever day. So see ya next time and check us out at….