There are many types of different squeegee rubbers, along with many types of t-bars and cleaning pads or cleaning pads made out of micro fiber. The micro fiber cloths are certainly a breakthrough for all of us window cleaners. There are also different types of scrapers and many types of extension poles.

There are hundreds and even thousands of different types of window cleaning tools. We can start with all the different types of ladders we use. There are fiberglass, aluminum, lightweight, short and tall and ladders made for all weight classes and even ladders with steps on both sides.

Now, let’s talk about extension poles and not just any type of extension poles, let’s talk about water fed extension poles that are used with de-ionized water systems and reverse osmosis which are attached to water carts. Another tip for someone using de-ionized water and burning through tanks or using a lot of tanks is the de-ionized water cart.
Window washers used to use just the de-ionized water tanks but now we have more long lasting water systems like the de-ionized water carts. These carts have the unique ability to last months even when they are used everyday, all day long.

The ultra pure de-ionization reverse osmosis water carts have the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water using normal tap water pressure. The reverse osmosis de-ionization water cart often uses a 3 or 4 stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis and de-ionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free window cleaning.

The method works by using the reverse osmosis technology to purify the water, then pumping the purified water up an extending pole and onto a brush mounted at the end and then onto the window.