In my last article I spoke about rain gutter cleaning. I also spoke a lot about the debris in the rain gutters, how the debris can also get on top of the roofs and in the rain gutters, and also about the dangers of fire hazards from the debris.

So by cleaning your gutters and if they are done completely and the debris is removed, this will eliminate fire hazard problems in those areas. It is a major safety concern.

Another good tip is to use pressure washers to help you clean your rain gutters. Another good tool to use is a pressure washer extension pole.This tool will help you get to high areas if you are unable to get to the rain gutter by a ladder.

In some cases, a pressure washing extension pole can be extended to well over 40 feet to get to areas almost impossible to climb to.

There are many different ways to get to your rain gutters and the way to clean can be different in each case. The reason for this is if the rain gutters are still wet inside or there is dirt, mud, or leaves. For example, you can use a very strong vacuum for dry leaves and even dry dirt. When the rain gutter is still wet, the cleaning can be a little different. When using a strong shop vacuum to clean, a very long hose will be needed depending on how high the roof edge is.You might try to bring the shop vac on the roof but this is not recommended.