One of the most important things about using a shop vac for cleaning rain gutters is to find about a 16 gallon or larger so that it will be able to handle a lot of debris.

It is also very important to change the filter or to have a extra filter for back up because the cleaning will be very hard on the filters and they also seem to get very dirty fast. One of the down sides of using the vacuum is when it gets dirty, the filter will need to be cleaned or the vacuum will lose power making it very hard to clean fast. So the filter will need to be cleaned during the process several times.

Also, an additional ground will need to be set up if you are using generators for power to eliminate getting shocked.

The benefits of having a generator and using your own power eliminate the problems of knocking out the power which can take a lot of time especially when you are not familiar with how to reset your customer’s circuits. Also if you are working around other workers on big jobs, the power could be limited causing you to need to wait for power. If you don’t have access to power, then of course you will be good to go with your generator.

Cleaning rain gutters can be very dangerous because of the climbing and extension poles can be used, but in most cases they need to be cleaned manually and a good tip to help in this case is to use a small garden shovel. Another good tool and if you’re a window washer cleaning alot of windows and running into the rain gutter cleaning as well, is to use fall protection. Fall protection is a must for someone on roofs or for cleaning rain gutters on roof edges.