Professional window cleaners often find that along with window cleaning, they end up being requested to do a variety of different types of work. All of this additional work requires using many different types of tools. A good tool we often use is the pressure washer.

The cold water pressure washer unit is used more often for surface dirt and is also good for cleaning stucco. A lot of times, by cleaning stucco or texture coat with a pressure washer, it will make the surface look like it was just freshly painted. Cold water pressure washing is good for cleaning tile roofs also. Cold water power washing can also clean aluminum or metal and different types of wood as well.

It is very important to have some experience or to test an area before attempting to clean it. This method will help prevent damage to the surface.

Heat pressure washing or diesel hot water units are a little different than cold water units. A dual core hose is always needed for protection in case a hose would blow up. You would not want to take the risk of getting burned. Gloves are always needed when using a heat pressure washer to protect your hands.

A surface cleaning machine also helps to achieve an even look when used with a heat pressure washer. For example, when using only a regular spray wand without a surface cleaner attachment, you can leave marks. The surface cleaner will help you get an even cleaning without leaving cleaning lines.

A good tip also, is if there is gum on the surface, the wand can be used for the cleaning to pop off the gum. That is what it is called popping the gum. The surface cleaner would then be used to complete the cleaning. Using this method is the best way to get the cleanest surface possible