I am a window cleaner with Window Cleaning Irvine. I also do the chore of window cleaning at my own home. Even when using professional t-bars, washing pads, I still can get water spots. I wipe the window around the edges when I am done, so this does not happen very often. It is very important to use the right cloth when wiping the window to prevent water spots. When cleaning your windows it is very important to use the right tools, it is very common to see water spots around the edge of the window even after you are done cleaning the widows. The best tool to use for this problem is the micro fiber cloth. The micro fiber cloth with the micro fibers, will clean the edge of the window with out leaving streaks.

When using water fed poles or a deionized water systems for cleaning the windows in high reach areas, it is very important to be sure the water jets are set right on the water fed pole. The water from the pole can shoot out of the pole against the window and this can be the cause of water spots. The water coming out of the jets from the pole should not come out more than a few inches and not spay out. If the water from your water fed pole shoots out against the window you are cleaning, the window will have water spots on it. The water needs to run down the window to clean it and not splash against it.
This can happen even if you’re using a water fed pole and the deionized water seems to be working and testing good. I suggest checking the jet on your brush. Now if you’re a professional and you’re saying to yourself how do I do that; don’t worry, be happy. I am going to tell you. If the water on your brush is shooting out too hard, it will not run down the window correctly and rinse the window properly. This is how the window gets cleaned by rinsing it. The water should be coming out like it was being almost pored out, not spayed out. If it shoots out of the brush too hard, then the jet is too small. Also remember it is very common to get a new pole and it will need to be adjusted to work here in the states because we have more water pressure than where they are made. You can solve this problem by getting a bigger jets from you supply house. I hope this will helpful. For any question on water fed poles you can contact WWW.JRACENSTEIN.COM for more window cleaning tips and videos check us out at www.customhomedetailing.com