One of the most commonly used tools for a window cleaner is a ladder. After you get to know the different types of ladders, there is a learning curve. When I say learning curve, I mean learning the to use the best light-weight ladder for each window. Now here is the trick. The ladder also has to fit your weight class. For example, if you weigh 220 pounds, you could mistakenly get a ladder that will hold up 200 pounds. That ladder would not be sufficient for your weight.

It also takes time to familiarize yourself with which type of ladder to use on stairs. Now we will help you out a little on this one. You would want to get a collaspable ladder that collaspes in many different sections and can be on two differnt angles. There are many different ladders, starting with little step ladders and you can get those in different sizes as well. A good ladder for 6, 8, or 10 feet is just a good fold type A-frame ladder. When you are getting bigger ladders always try to get the light-weight for easy use.

Now on the other hand, the problem with a heavier ladder is that the ladder will be difficult for lighter workers who might only weigh 160 pounds to move around. So, the point is to have many kinds of different ladders. Aluminum ladders are great for light window cleaning, but might not be the right fit for a worker who weights over 220 and is bringing tools and materials up the ladder.

Another good example is if you have a ladder that will hold 220 pounds and you weigh 220 and are bringing materials and tools up and down the ladder, then you would need to get a ladder that would hold more weight. Aluminum ladders are good for light window cleaning and a good tip is to get a ladder stabilizer for your window cleaning ladders. This will help you reach and make it easy for you to clean high windows.

A ladder stabilizer also stabilizes the ladder making it sturdy. Another good tip if you are trying to get a stronger ladder for over 200 to 300 pounds is to purchase a fiberglass ladder. Until next time. Check us out at…
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