A good window cleaning tip for Rancho Santa Margarita home owners is to use the right window cleaning bucket. The best type of bucket to use is a 22”long window cleaning bucket about 12” deep. These types of buckets will hold washers and window cleaning tools up to 18” in length.

Once you are set up with a window cleaning bucket, it is time to get your cleaning T-bar and cleaning pad which slide over the T-bar.

Cleaning pads come in all different types and sizes and are also called strip washers. A very common size is the 18 inch. The next tool is going to be soap for your window cleaning bucket. You will also need some micro fiber cloths to wipe water spots around the edges of your windows when you are done doing the window cleaning.

Using a micro fiber cloth for cleaning windows around the edges, is very important because after you do window cleaning if you want picture perfect windows. The micro fiber cloth will work wonders in getting the streaks and smudges cleaned.

Now last but not least, is a small step ladder for your window cleaning and drop cloths to protect the water spills. A furniture cover will work fine for a drop cloth. I hope this will help you Rancho Santa Margarita home owners. For more professional window cleaning go to www.customhomedetailing.com and for professional window cleaning tool go to WWW.JRACENSTEIN.COM